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dj_levia's Journal

27 April
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So you want to know more about me...
Well, we'll start with the basics shall we
I'm female
I'm 27
I'm 5'7" tall
I have dark hair, with blonde and red flashes
I have blue eyes
I work in McDonalds
I'm a DJ
I'm a mother (more about that in a moment)
I live with my boyfriend Martyn (more about him in a moment aswell)

What do I look like?

So that's me, in a very small nut shell, if you look below at my interests, you can get a better idea about me, or ofcourse, you could contact me via the methods above

I'll often talk about my family, so when you see names in my journal, now you'll know who they are :)

Martyn, or M

Ok, well first things first, I never call him Martyn in my journal, don't ask me why..M just suits him
M is my live in boyfriend, we met on ICQ 2 and a half years ago by sheer luck, the night we met was completely out of our normal routines, I should have been in bed, he should have been at work
Cutting a long story short, we moved in together in July 2003, and things are going great
M is 31, he works evening shift at a local warehouse where he is a supervisor and he loads and unloads trucks. He is an awesome DJ, he has been DJ'ing 13 years now, and has had some famous residencies over the years.
Wanna see what he looks like?

M does have an LJ, but since getting one, he's not written a single thing in it, if that changes I shall update this to let you know


Charlotte is my daughter, she is 9 years old, and I gave birth to her on New Years Day
She's a quiet little soul (unlike her mother) but very bubbly all the same.
She's creeping up on that age now where boybands and make-up and hair things and secret diaries are all a big thing for her, her favourite band at the moment is Busted (especially Charlie)


Matt is my fat, bald, smelly older brother, we're 22 months apart, and very close, even tho we verbally abuse eachother (can't you tell) everytime we speak to eachother, call it our tradition if you like, not a phonecall, email, IM or conversation goes by without us abusing eachother.
He lives with his fiancee Sarah with Sarah's son from a previous relationship, and their daughter Ashleigh.
He works for scummy gits BT as an engineer
Here he is in all his fat and bald glory

Scott & Donna

Scott is M's brother, and Donna is his Wife
We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, even tho they only live 10 or so miles away, but they are a Formula One mad couple with a mad chihuahua dog called Chilli


June is M's mum, and she's fab, I couldn't ask for a better Mother-in-Law hehe. June works as a legal secretary, and can drink you under the table any day lol