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pffft, none of you want my piccies?

well you can all bugger off then! :P

DDR didn't happen unfortunately, Dave got tied up with something else, so we're having a DDR evening on Thursday

is there a way i can download my whole journal on to the pc anyone?

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I'm sorry for not updating lately

Just really haven't had the muse for the pc atall

My neighbour over the road had his house broken into yesterday. I was in all day from 11am, till he knocked on the door about midnight to ask if we'd seen anything. I feel guilty in a way because I was in all day I feel like it was done right under my nose and I didn't see anything.

In other news the postman rudely woke me and M up this morning by knocking on the door at 7.20am, wasn't amused, and couldn't get back to sleep either. Wouldn't have minded so much but we didn't go to bed until 2am lol

The Inland Revenue need to sort themselves out, when I got my annual review, they apparently paid me too much, I got a letter yesterday saying I was paid too little and they will pay me the difference. I got myself all excited, rang them up asking how much it would be, and when I'll get it. It got paid into my bank account yesterday he said (cue more excitement from me) and the total amount repaid is.....(wait for it)......15 pounds...woooohoooooooo!!! [/gross sarcasm]

Charlotte has been with my mum all this week, so in the evenings when M is at work I've been having me time and just generally farting about with various beauty products and being a complete vegetable for a week (apart from when I'm at work, it's been really busy and I've been running about like a headless chicken all shift)

And that is literally all my news of the past fortnight or so heh, wow
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Happy Birthday lostaddictionPaulio!!!!

25 today eh?
Blimey, it don't seem like 2 years ago you were 19, makes me realise just how long I've known ya!

Have a fab day darlin, race ya to 30! :oP
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A few pictures of my brothers wedding are currently being uploaded and will be posted in my photo journal violent_smile, so if you wanna see em, you know what to do ;o)
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